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Hotel Tayrona del Mar

Santa Marta is a city in Colombia located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, a destination that undoubtedly offers the wonders of nature: sea and mountains.

The city is the oldest in South America; it houses an immense impressive architectural heritage, nature and an unequaled cultural legacy. Discover the Tayrona culture and explore through the indigenous and natural wisdom in the Sierra Nevada National Park of Santa Marta.

We assure you that you will live an experience that is difficult to forget, let yourself be carried away by the magic of our destiny. We have designed some key places to visit so you can start planning your trip. Also, at our reception we offer personalized tourist information.

"En Rodadero"

- Beach of Rodadero.Next to the hotel, you will find Playa del Rodadero, one of the most visited beaches on the north coast of Colombia. Here you can relax in its warm white sand or practice activities such as snorkeling. In addition, its extension allows you to host a small water park. In the vicinity of the beach you will find all the services you may need such as the restaurant.

- Aquarium of the Rodadero and Museum of the Sea.It is located in the Inca Inca inlet, in front of El Rodadero beach. Appreciate the richness of the marine biota of Santa Marta since the aquarium has more than 900 specimens of 100 marine species. In addition, in the museum you can enjoy different educational programs with your family in an informal and didactic way. You can see all the information here .

Historical centre

Visit the historical center of Santa Marta and travel through the time. Get lost and learn its history through its streets and contemplate the beauty of colonial buildings.

- Cathedral of Santa Marta. Located in the Plaza de San Francisco stands out for its typical facade of Spanish colonial architecture. Discover the history and legends that surround this majestic cathedral.
- House of San Pedro Alejandrino. In this house museum you can learn more about this important figure.- Customs House . Explore the collection of gold and ceramics from the Tayrona civilization.


In the vicinity of our hotel you can find a wide range of restaurants with national and international cuisine.

For those who want to make shopping tourism, along the streets of Santa Marta you will find different shops or boutiques and a shopping center called Arrecife.

To enjoy a festive atmosphere and good music, next to Rodadero there are different places. The disco La Escollera stands out, a place that increasingly attracts the attention of those who want to enjoy nightlife.


- Tayrona Park is one of the most important natural parks in Colombia and is only 34 km from Santa Marta. Enjoy nature, you will find bays and inlets of exceptional beauty such as Chengue or Gayraca Bay, as well as unique fauna. In addition, the wild white sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters, bounded by green forests, will surely captivate you. For more information: here .

- National Park Sierra Nevada. With an incredible beauty and an incalculable cultural legacy, the highest mountain formation in the world (5,775 m) offers you unforgettable experiences. It is also the cradle of the Tayrona, a monumental indigenous civilization that existed in the country, today there are still descendants of this culture, with around 70,000 indigenous people from the Kogui, Arhuaco, Kankuamo and Wiwa ethnic groups.For more information: here .